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  Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread!

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Nigel Thornberry
Retired Staff
Retired Staff
Nigel Thornberry

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 Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread! Empty
PostSubject: Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread!    Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread! EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 12:39 pm

 Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread! 9264-albums8-picture2047

Joined- 27 July 2012
Beginner- 27 July 2012
Inters - 21 August 2013
Veteran- Not impossible
Elite- Very impossible.

 Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread! 9264-albums8-picture2045

 Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread! O8ld4qK

1 Stickman, 1 cannon and some boxes
FPS: 17
Frames: 118
Time taken: 50 minutes
Credits: Droidz for cannon
Other: I recorded myself animating this (hence why I know how long it took) so I'll post it when I make the video.

Must see:

Flight April 2013
The Wall July 2013
Anticlimax July-August 2013

 Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread! 9264-albums8-picture2046


A tribute to Girbot October 2013
Dual Wielding (unfinished, will release full version with the collab) September 2013
Realism Backflip August 2013
Wallflip August 2013
Joint with AD12 Preview August 2013


Punchbag combo August 2013
Javelin August 2013
Boxcopter Test August 2013
Another Combo July 2013
The Wall July 2013
Combo June 2013
Some animationsJune 2013
The Statue April-May 2013
Lukas Joint May 2013
Free Runner March 2013
Rainbow Man | | Reverse Rainbow Man March 2013
ASDF Spin Kick February 2013
Head ripper February 2013
Joint with Mini January 2013
Mini fight December 2012
Slippy December 2012
Default ftw joint with Awesomator.October 2012
Tripod (unfinished) October 2012
Unicycle, running and walking loop.September 2012
Effects testSeptember 2012
KickSeptember 2012

Very old, including animations from before I joined.

Flips August 2012
Human helicopter August 2012
I'm not sure what I had planned with this... July 2012
Transforming thingJuly 2012
Bazuca June 2012
HBomb Tribute June 2012
Fight thing, my first animation except for one I did in 2009, so technically 2nd but still April 2012

Check out my youtube channel too. Feel free to stroke my subscribe button. It purrs. Honest!(thumbsup)
Static's/ZestyLemonAnimating's Channel - YouTube
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Nigel Thornberry's Smashing Thread!
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