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 Showcase Submission Rules and template

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PostSubject: Showcase Submission Rules and template   Showcase Submission Rules and template EmptyMon Feb 03, 2014 6:53 pm

Showcase Submissions
So due to my lack of coding and lack of servers, i decided that the best option for submitting showcases should be using a template so you can basically fill in the blanks. the way showcases work is that after you submit, the rank staff will vote on the quality of the animation, and if its good enough it will be showcased on the website, as well as our YouTube channel. *

Rules For Submission
1. Any stolen material of another animator , both on and off this site is prohibited and will  in a permanent ban from the site.
2. No pornographic scenes or completely sexual imaging can be submitted to showcases.
3. Your animation must be Longer than 30 seconds (480 frames based off 16 fps) in order to pass the standard for showcases.
4. make sure to include a title, description and length of the video (if you yourself are editing it)
5.understand that if you need a showcase manger for music and sound editing, that they have creative control over the music and sound, although you can work with them through the process.

Submission template

Preview picture (100x100) :
Animation/Collab Name:
Author/Organizer Name:
Description (will be a simple copy and paste so check for spelling):
Length of the video ( will be provided by a showcase manager if needed):

Type of Showcase (Solo, joint, collab, Animation team etc.):
Will you be in need of a Showcase Manager:
Link to the Animation:( this can be pm'd to either me or a rank staff if you want to keep it secret until its final release)

Follow the rules and the template and have fun Smile


Showcase Submission Rules and template Bsx6a
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Showcase Submission Rules and template
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