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 Topic: Gohan's Retaliation (ETS3)

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7th day
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7th day

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Topic: Gohan's Retaliation (ETS3) Empty
PostSubject: Topic: Gohan's Retaliation (ETS3)   Topic: Gohan's Retaliation (ETS3) EmptyMon Mar 17, 2014 6:40 pm

Hello, 7th day here. I was just wondering, is ILSK123 going to ever post a new video. There may be some of you saying,'' What a dummy. ILSK123 talked about that!''. Well if there was some sort of forum where he discussed this, idk about it. I havn't paid attention to DD or PA forums in the past year, so idk. I have been told he is a dead animator, and I have heard he is just busy. Whatever it is,( and don't think im being a flip) he should release what he has. Flashed or not. Just show us your skills, man!
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Topic: Gohan's Retaliation (ETS3)
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